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Video Game (PC/MAC), made in Unity 2D/3D 

My Roles: Project lead, Designer, Producer, Artist, Programmer

Tools: Unity, Procreate, Photoshop, Visual Studio

Team: Lela Yuan, Audrey Renouf, Jade Wang, Kaitlyn Liu, Charvi Hoysal, Emily Guo, Megan Xu

Untitled_Artwork 3.png

Nan Nan is a 2D puzzle RPG game combining northern Chinese Folktales and cosmic horror to create a uniquely unsettling experience. The game uses nonlinear narratives to tell the life story of a ten-year-old girl, Nannan, and how she fights for a new life by solving the mystery of her hometown. From time looping to turn-based battle system, the game uses a variety of gameplay mechanics and art styles to investigate questions of gender inequality, cultural values and religion.

Listen to Nannan's original soundtrack

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